Covid-19 and Dentistry

Covid-19 and Dentistry

Posted by Jolly Family Dental on Feb 17 2021, 10:27 PM

When the world is in the hold of the Covid-19 pandemic, how do you manage your dental appointments? Many people hesitate to visit the dental office during the Covid-19 pandemic because dental procedures require sitting with the dentist maskless, with an open mouth for a long time. 

Patients worldwide seek the answer to this question - is it safe to visit dental practices during the pandemic. The answer is, yes, you can see your dentist and get your dental treatments done safely. 

Read on to know why!

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new sanitation policies and rules, dental practices were always strict in following infection-control procedures and safety practices. Besides, dental practices have implemented a few more changes to how appointments and consultations are made.

Here are the steps we have always stressed and have given added consideration during Covid-19:

  • Masks and gloves:As we know, the best reliable method to prevent the transmission of the virus from an infected to a healthy individual is by covering the mouth and nose with a face mask.  Dental professionals always used to wear masks and gloves while they treat their patients, and we continue it during the pandemic. 
  • Sanitization and disinfection of tools and work equipment:Every dental practice always follows the norm of disinfection of dental tools and surfaces even before the pandemic. We sanitize our work surfaces, work equipment, and instruments to eliminate any possible pathogens after every patient consultation.
Besides, our dentistry has also implemented various pandemic precautions in our dental office. 
  • Telephonic screening:We ask our patients a few pre-screening questions to know about their current health. To ensure social distancing, we schedule appointments allotting more time for each patient to ensure that the number of patients in the dental office at any time is less.
  • Temperature check and face masks:We check the temperature of our staff and our patients when they enter our dental practice. Besides, we ask all our staff and patients to wear personal protective equipment, including face masks, inside our dental office. 
  • Eliminating shared spaces:To maintain social distancing in our dental office as per the CDC norms, we request all our patients to wait in their cars or outdoor space until their dental consultation. Thus, we ensure that only a few patients are permitted inside our dental office. 
  • Sanitizers: At our dental office, we have arranged sanitizers in all the common areas for our patients and staff to use. 
  • Oral Antimicrobial Rinse: We will provide an oral antimicrobial rinse for our patients to gargle for 30 seconds before starting their treatment. 

Getting regular and proper dental care is vital to ensure a healthy oral cavity. Delaying dental visits due to fear of Covid - 19 can do more harm than good. In fact, it is safe to visit a dentist during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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