How Can a Cavity Affect Your Overall Health?

How Can a Cavity Affect Your Overall Health?

Posted by JOLLY FAMILY DENTAL on Mar 15 2021, 03:25 AM

“Oral health is just as important as getting a regular physical. It’s not just about getting a cavity filled; it’s about the overall health of the individual.”Jennifer Williams.

Even in this quote, we are told how important oral health is, just like other body parts. But are we really serious about it? Are we giving our oral health the required care? Even a little cavity that progresses time by time can affect the other parts of your body.

What is a cavity?

A cavity is permanent damage that occurs to your tooth’s surface. Cavities, also known as caries or tooth decay, make tiny openings or holes. The factors that lead to cavities are bacteria in your mouth, eating snacks frequently, drinking many sugary drinks, not brushing teeth properly, and improper oral hygiene routine.

Dental caries is one of the most common health problems globally, next to the common cold. This dental disease can primarily be found among children, teenagers, and adults. But, even infants can get cavities. If cavities are left untreated, it starts penetrating the deeper layers of your teeth, leading to severe toothache, tooth infection, abscess, and even tooth loss in extreme cases. 

How can a cavity affect other parts of the body?

An untreated cavity can cause serious health issues, including brain and heart infections. Medical research conducted has proven that bacteria causing dental infections can cause cardiovascular (heart) disease. This might sometimes cause an even more severe lethal infection of the heart called endocarditis. 

Another misery that a dental infection or dental abscess due to a deeper cavity is that it can affect the brain, leading to another abscess in the brain. This situation can expose you to danger and even life-threatening events. This condition is relatively rare, but if the dental infection is not treated on time, the whole situation might unexpectedly go out of hand.

What are the signs that show I have a cavity?

The signs and symptoms of cavities may differ according to their location and extent. Still, the most common ones are:

  • Toothache.
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Mild to sharp pain while eating or drinking, especially something hot or cold.
  • Visible black holes or pits begin to form in your teeth.
  • Appearance of brown, black or white stains on the tooth’s surface.
  • Pain while biting.


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