10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Posted by JOLLY FAMILY DENTAL on Jan 18 2022, 09:24 AM

What you eat matters a lot. Some foods form plaque on your teeth which eventually lead to bacterial action and cause many dental problems. Jolly Family Dental has listed some bad food habits that will damage your oral health. Let us choose to be healthy.

Sugary Sweets and Candies

Candies that stay in your mouth can cause many dental problems. Candies like caramels, lollipops, hard candies, and jellies are bad for your teeth.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks can cause oral problems whether it is sugar-free or not because all soft drinks contain acid. Always avoid soft drinks for better oral health.


Vinegar is the main component of Pickles. Vinegar contains acid which causes the staining and decay of your enamel. The sugar contained pickles can be a contributor to cavities in your tooth. 


Wine contains erosive acids which soften your enamel. Red wine will cause staining and dry your mouth.

Citrus Fruits

Having citrus fruits in your diet is a good thing. But eating an excessive amount of citrus acid-containing fruits can make your enamel wear out and vulnerable to cavities. Grapes, pineapple, and lemon can cause these issues.

Sports Beverages

Sports Beverages are not only acidic, they also contain thick liquid-like substances which stick on your teeth for a long time.


Any sugar, whether it is brown sugar, refined white sugar, or honey is bad for your mouth. If you want to consume sugar, consume it with your meals. During meals, your mouth produces more saliva that helps to neutralize acid production.

Pasta Sauce

Though tomatoes are healthy to eat, they are acidic. It can double the damage due to the acidity in the sauce, causing the breaking down of your tooth’s enamel.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is important for its detoxifying properties. But it has a high acid content that can cause bad effects on your teeth.

Dried Fruits

Regular consumption of dried fruits like apricots, raisins, and pineapple lead to tooth decay because of their sugar content and gummy-like structure. 

Because some of these foods are unavoidable, washing your mouth after every meal is the best thing you can do to avoid plaque formation.

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